To present a broad spectrum of cultural disciplines to our SICHTweisen audiences, we are pleased to present a wide variety of European musicians and orchestras, whose specializations are as diverse as the individual festival concerts. In addition to musicians, performers from a range of other cultural disciplines also feature heavily among the festival artists. From visual arts to light installations and theater, the interdisciplinary character of the festival offers the audience an extraordinary concert experience. Our website is continuously being updated with new information!

Cappella Splendor Solis

Scenic madrigals make up the core repertoire of the Cappella Splendor Solis. Although this performance practice is very old – scenic versions of madrigals even predate the development of opera – it resembles modern theatrical performances: the plot does not unfold linearly and the strong symbolism disguises what is being performed. Cappella Splendor Solis is made up of the soprano Kanako Hayashi, countertenor Stefan Piewald, bass baritone Florian M. Wolf, and is led by Prof. Josef Stolz, who also plays claviorganum. This instrument, widely used around 1600, is a combination of a harpsichord and organ.


The Originalklang Orchester is dedicated to music that has been forgotten over the centuries. The musicians work with original manuscripts in the composer’s handwriting and prepare them for concertante performances. The orchestra takes a different form for each program, in order to recreate the original performance situation as closely as possible. Taking historical context and manuscript annotations into consideration, their goal is for each performance to be as authentic as possible. The Originalklang Orchester is led by Esther Rebecca Neumann on the violin.